International Exchange Encouragement Award


International Exchange Encouragement Award

21st Century Awards


The Ceramic Society of Japan is funded by donations with the aim of encouraging international exchange among young researchers. It promotes interaction with the Asian region and has established the 21st Century Awards to help develop ceramic science and technology.

■21st Century Awards :

Motoharu Kurata Award

Recent recipients

■21st Century Awards :

Takayoshi Iseki Award

Recent recipients


Content of awards: Each winner shall receive an award certificate and a monetary award of 200,000 yen. For winners resident in Japan, this monetary award is for expenses related to the promotion of exchanges between Japan and Asian countries in the field of ceramic science and technology. For winners not resident in Japan, it is to be used to attend research presentations or international conferences sponsored by the Ceramic Society of Japan.

Candidate eligibility: Candidates shall be under 40 years of age and have an excellent academic or industrial record in ceramic science and technology. Japanese candidates shall in principle be members of the Ceramic Society of Japan and nominated by a ceramic related organization of an Asian country in accordance with this request for nominations from the Ceramic Society of Japan. (Eligible age based on April 1 for this year’s awards: Born on or after April 2, 1976.)

Nominator eligibility: Nominators shall be individual members or special members (no more than one of each) of the Ceramic Society of Japan. In the case of self-nomination, an individual member shall be specified who can be asked for an opinion on the performance of the candidate.

□21st Century Awards
Deadline for nominations: Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Request for Nominations of Candidates


Letter of Nomination of Candidate(Application form)




International Exchange Encouragement Award

The Japan-China Ceramic Science and Technology Exchange Encouragement Award


Solicitations for the award ended with the call for recommendations for FY 2015.

The Japan-China Ceramic Science and Technology Exchange Encouragement Award was established to reward young researchers of Chinese nationality with the objective of promoting interaction between China and Japan in the field of ceramic science and technology.

1.Number of awards and prize content: The winner will be presented with a certificate of merit and a supplementary prize of money. The award will be made to one person per year .

2.Qualifications required of award candidates 

  • (1) Candidates must be researchers of Chinese nationality who have displayed outstanding achievements regarding ceramics science and technology either in the fields of academia or industrial technology, have obtained a doctorate from a Japanese university, and who currently reside in either Japan or China and are active in the field of ceramics science and technology.
  • (2) Maximum age: Those who have yet to reach the age of 45 (as of April 1 in the year of the award).
  • (3) Candidates must be able to present their research at the Annual Meeting or Fall Meeting, and contribute papers concerning the content of the award to academic journals or Ceramics Japan.
  • (4) Candidates must be making an ongoing contribution to interaction in the field of Japanese and Chinese ceramics science and technology.

[Recent recipients]