Annual Meeting of The Ceramic Society of Japan, 2009


March 16-18, 2009
Tokyo University of Science, Noda Campus [access]
2641 Yamazaki, Noda-shi, Chiba-ken 278-8510, JAPAN
e-mail :

General Information

Liaison Session



Presentation Style

Scientific Program


Meeting registration

General Information

  • The Annual Meeting of the Ceramic Society of Japan (CerSJ) will be held on the Noda Campus of Tokyo University of Science from March 16-18, 2009. We hope you will join us in Noda.

Liaison Session

A new presentation category called "Liaison" was introduced at the 2006 Annual Meeting. As the term "Liaison" suggests, sessions in this category can be effectively used as the “bridges” among different organizations, including universities, independent administrative institutions, and enterprises. Please categorize your presentation as a "Liaison" session upon submission of your application form on the Web if you are looking for opportunities to expand the reach your research activities through collaborative research, commercialize your ceramic samples as industrial products, create new technological seeds. etc. No one who is not positively interested in conducting collaborative research should submit a presentation for a session in this new "Liaison" category..


  • March 16   
    • Satellite Symposia (mornings only)
    • Scientific Program (oral -afternoons only))
  • March 17
    • Scientific Program (oral, poster)
    • Annual Meeting Banquet 
  • March 18 
    • Scientific Program (oral)

Submission of title, authors, section codes, an abstract and manuscript for proceedings

Guidelines for preparation and submission of manuscripts for extended abstracts

Start of submission period : December 15 (Mon.) 14:00, Deadline : January 15 (Thu.) 14:00



  • URL:

*The Website for submission will open on December 15

  • Please follow the instructions at the web-site for submission . You are required to select two session codes and submit manuscript for extended abstract upon submission.   Please check "Session Code List" and guidelines below before you start submission.

  • Presentation Style 

    • All papers will be presented in either oral sessions or poster sessions. The Event Planning Committee will decide the presentation style (oral/poster) for each presentation.

    Oral sessions

    • Total of 15 minutes per presentation.
      • 10 minutes for presentation and 4 additional minutes for discussion.
      • 1 minute is alloted for changing of the presenters.
    • Each room is equipped with a data projector, overhead projector, screen and pointer.
    • The official languages are Japanese and English.

    Poster sessions

    • 45 minutes per presentation.
    • Poster presentations will be evaluated, and awards will be given for excellent presentations by young researchers aged 35 or below.
    • Poster size (W x H): 90 x 210 cm

    Scientific Program

    The scientific sessions will include various topics in the field of ceramic science. Typical topics are as follows: 

    • High-Temperature and Engineering Ceramics 
    • Electronic Ceramics 
    • Glasses and Photonics Ceramics
    • Biomedical & Bioinspired Materials
    • Cements
    • China and Porcelain
    • Energy, Environment and Resources-related Materials 
    • Processing
    • Characterization 
    • Education
    • For further information, please see the session codes


    Meeting Registration

    • CerSJ member
    • CerSJ corporate member employee (auditor)

    CersSJ senior member

    CerSJ student member

    CerSJ corporate member

    employee (presenter)
    Before March. 2, 2009

    Please submit your name and company/affiliation by e-mail to receive your application form.

    e-mail :

    8,000 yen
    4,000 yen
    3,000 yen
    20,000 yen
    After March. 2, 2009
    Registration will be on-site on
    March 20-22, 2008.
    10,000 yen
    5,000 yen
    4,000 yen
    20,000 yen
    21,000 yen

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