Definition of The Society

1. The Asia-Oceania Ceramic Federation (A O C F)(here-after referred to as “Federation”) is a voluntary, nongovernmental, nonprofit association of organizations each representing the ceramists of a member country, a member country being a country whose Adhering Organization has joined the Society.


2. The Federation is established in order to co-ordinate and promote the study of ceramics and in particular

2.1 to promote and assist in the planning and promotion of conferences and meetings.

2.2 to encourage education, training and research.

2.3 to procure the planning, preparation, presentation, printing, publication, issue and circulation of technical papers, calendars of ceramic events and other matter.

2.4 to consult with and bring together individuals and representatives of members, research establishments, academic bodies and institutions of governments and other bodies.

2.5 to collect and disseminate information on matters affecting the Federation’s objects and exchange information with other Organizations having similar objects in relation to ceramics or other materials including Organizations resident or having their registered offices in Europe, USA, or other countries outside Asia and Oceania.


3.1 A country may join the Federation, through a national organization, the Adhering Organization, representing its ceramic community. New members will be required to signify acceptance of the Constitution of the Federation. Each member organization is asked to contribute financially.  

3.2 The Adhering Organizations must be resident or have registered office in Asia and Oceania.

3.3 The Adhering Organizations are the members of the Federation.

3.4 A country requesting admission to the Federation shall provide full information about its proposed Adhering Organization.

3.5 A request of a country for admission to the Federation shall be considered by the council at its next meeting if it has been received in writing by the President at least three months before that meeting, together with the appropriate documentation. When the admission has been approved by the council, membership shall begin immediately.


4.1 The management and formulation of the policy of the Federation shall be vested in a council consisting of

4.1.1 Each person for the time being holding the office or exercising the functions of president of each member of the Federation (“President”).

4.1.2 One representative (other than the President) appointed by each member of the Federation for any one more meetings of the council.

4.2 Each member of the Federation shall advise the other members in writing of the name of its President and the other person whom it has appointed to represent it on the council and may change such appointment at any time.

4.3 Each member of the council shall subject to clause 4.4 below have one vote except that a representative appointed under clause 4.1.2 above shall not be entitled to vote except in the absence of the President of the member which has appointed him or her.

4.4 The Council may, in addition to the Presidents and other representatives of the members of the Federation, co-opt other individuals, up to a maximum of five. A co-opted member shall serve for a period of not longer than two years but shall be eligible for re-appointment and shall not be entitled to vote at meetings of the council.

4.5 The President of the Federation will be the President or ex-President of the member of the Federation and shall remain in office until the next such appointment is made.

4.6 The President is the administrative head of the Federation, shall preside at the meetings of the Council and shall be ex officio of a member of all bodies of the Federation. The President of the Federation may delegate power as chief representative of the Federation, to preside at meetings, to the other representative of his Adhering Organization or to another member of the council.

4.7 The Adhering Organization shall be responsible for providing all secretarial or other services required by the council during his Chairmanship including giving notice of meetings, preparing and circulating notes of meetings and retaining the records of the proceedings of the Federation. The Federation should try to keep a permanent postal address and an internet e-mail address.

4.8 Meetings of the council shall take place at least once in every year at such times and places as the chairman reasonably appoints. Additional meetings may be called by any three members on written notice to the chairman who shall convene a meeting of the council which shall take place within 90 days of the date on which the last of such notice is received by the chairman. The meeting of the Council may be replaced by the internet web.

4.9 The quorum at any time meeting of the council will be representatives of at least half of the Adhering Organization.

4.10 All the questions arising at any meeting of the council shall, except as herein provided, be decided by a simple majority of those present and entitled to vote and the chairman shall not have a second or casting vote.

4.11 Matters requiring the approval of the council shall include

4.11.1 establishing the time, place and theme of each Asia-Oceania Ceramic Conference.

4.11.2 issuing invitations to members of the Federation to organize each Asia-Oceania Ceramic Conference.

4.11.3 appointing a member of the Federation to organize each Asia-Oceania Ceramic Conference (“Host Member”) from among the members who have previously advised the council in writing of their willingness to do so.

4.11.4 determining the form and content of papers to be presented at Asia-Oceania Ceramic Conference and published after presentation including a suitable acknowledgement that they have been presented or published on behalf of the Federation.

4.11.5 approving or rejecting applications for membership of the Federation or terminating the membership of any member.

4.12 The council may determine its own procedure for voting, meetings, recording of minutes and any other procedures which do not conflict with the provisions hereof.

4.13 Matters to be attended at a meeting of the Council must appear on the agenda of that meeting, which shall be sent to the Adhering Organizations at least two months before the meeting is to be held. However, in case of urgency, a question may be added to the agenda with the consent of at least three-quarters of the members present at the meeting and having the right to vote.

4.14 The council may appoint such special committees as it considers necessary for the dispatch of its business and shall determine their terms of reference, powers, duration and composition.

Asia-Oceania Ceramic Conference

5.1 The Federation will promote or assist in the promotion of conferences which shall be held at least once every two years in the country in which the Host Members is resident or has its registered office. The conference will be held in conjunction with their annual meeting and shall not conflict the time of PAC RIM.

5.2 Admission to the Asia-Oceania Ceramic Conferences shall be open to all interested individuals.

5.3 The Host Member shall be responsible for all matters relating to the organization and conduct of such conferences other than those reserved to the council pursuant to clause 4.11 above and shall bear all risks and defray all expenses in connection with such conferences.

5.4 The Council may organize other scientific meetings or may offer collaboration of the Federation in the planning and arrangement of scientific meetings initiated by other Organizations or by one or more of its Adhering Organizations.

5.5 Cooperation of the Federation in the organization of a conference shall not involve the Federation in financial responsibility.


6.1 Each party shall use its best endeavors to further the objects of the Federation and shall bear all costs which it incurs in connection with its membership of the Federation.

6.2 No member shall incur any liability on behalf of another member or have any liability to any other member, or the Federation. Membership will not be conditional upon the payment of subscriptions or any other fees.

6.3 The proceedings and lectures of the Asia-Oceania Ceramic Conferences and meetings of the council shall be in the English language.

Alterations to the constitution and governing law

7.1 Any alteration of this Constitution shall require the assent of not less than two thirds of the total membership of the council of the Federation evidenced by an instrument of amendment executed in one or more copies on behalf of each assenting member.

7.2 The English text of this Constitution shall be used exclusively as the authorized text for the interpretation of the Articles of the Constitution.

7.3 In all cases where the Constitution is not clear or does not give a decision, the President’s ruling shall be decisive.

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