International Non-Profit Association having a scientific purpose

Chapter I: Name-Office-Purpose-Duration

Article 1

An Asia-Oceania non-profit association is hereby formed by organizations each representing the ceramists of a member country, a member country being a country whose Adhering Organization has joined the Federation.

The association shall be named : 《Asia-Oceania Ceramic Federation》, in abbreviated form: 《AOCF》, here-after referred to as《Federation》

Article 2

The Federation is established in order to co-ordinate and promote the study of ceramics and in particular:

-To promote and assist in the planning and promotion of conferences and meetings including the meeting referred to in chapter VIII (《Asia-Oceania Ceramic Conferences》).

-To encourage education, training and research.

-To provide the planning, preparation, presentation, printing, publication, issue and circulation of technical papers, calendars of ceramic events and other matter.

-To consult with and bring together individuals and representatives of members, research establishments, academic bodies and institutions of governments and other bodies.

-To collect and disseminate information on matters affecting the Federation’s objects and to exchange information with other organizations having similar objects in relation to ceramics or other materials including organizations resident or having their registered offices in Europe, USA, or other countries outside Asia and Oceania.

Article 3

Its registered Office shall be established in ….. It can be transferred upon a decision of the council to any other location. Such decision shall be published within the month of its adoption.

Article 4

The duration of the Federation shall be indefinite.

Chapter II: Membership

Article 5

The membership of the Federation shall consist of:

-the undersigned member countries;

-any national body representing its ceramic community and having registered offices in Asia and Oceania, whose admission to the Federation has been approved by the Council following its application to the Federation. A country requesting admission to the Federation shall provide full information about its proposed adhering Organization. Any application to the Federation shall be examined by the Council at its next meeting if it has been received in writing by the President at least three months before that meeting, together with the appropriate documentation. Each member organization is asked to contribute financially. 

Membership shall begin immediately after the application has been approved by the Council.

Article 6

A member wishing to withdraw from the Federation shall give notice of resignation in writing to the President. The resignation shall be immediate.

Any member may also be expelled from the Federation. A decision to exclude a member shall require the agreement of at least two thirds of the members of the Council.

Members having resigned of excluded or deceased members shall have no rights on assents.

Chapter III: Council

Article 7

The management and policy of the Federation shall be entrusted to a Council consisting of:

-Each person being or exercising the functions of President of each member of the Federation.

-One representative (other than the president) appointed by each member of the Federation.

Each member of the Federation shall advise the other members in writing of the names of its President and of the other person appointed to represent it in the Council and may change such appointment at any time.

Each member country of the council has one vote.

The Council may, in addition to the Presidents and other representatives of the members of the Federation, co-opt other individuals, up to a maximum of five. A co-opted member shall serve for a maximum period of two years but shall be eligible for re-appointment and shall not be entitled to vote at meetings of the Council.

Article 8

Meetings of the Council shall take place at least once a year at such times and places as the President reasonably appoints. Additional meetings may be called by any three members upon written notice to the President who shall convene a meeting of the Council which shall take place within 90 days of receipt of such notice by the president.

The President lays down the matters to be examined at a meeting of the Council on the agenda of that meeting which shall be sent to the adhering associations at least two months before the meeting is held. However, in case of urgency, a question may be added to the agenda with the consent of at least three-quarters of the members present at the meeting and having the right to vote.

The quorum at any meeting of the council will be representative of at least half of the adhering organizations.

All matters arising at any meeting of the Council shall, except as herein provided, be decided by a simple majority of those present and entitled to vote and the President shall not have a second or casting vote.

The Council may determine its own procedure for voting, meetings, recording of minutes and any other procedures which do not conflict with the provisions hereof.

The meetings of the Council may be replaced by the internet mail or web.

Article 9

Matters requiring the approval of the council shall include:

-Establishing the time, place and theme of each Asia-Oceania Ceramic Conference.

-Issuing invitations to members of the Federation to organize each Asia-Oceania Ceramic Conference.

-Appointing a member of the Federation to organize each Asia-Oceania Ceramic Conference (Host Member) among the members who have previously advised the Council in writing of their willingness to do so.

-Appointing the working groups, and determining their role, mission, composition and the duration of their mandate.

-Determining the form and contents of papers to be presented at the Asia-Oceania Ceramic Conference and published thereafter, including a suitable acknowledgement that they have been presented or published on behalf of the Federation.

Endorsing International Conferences organized by (non) Asia-Oceania societies upon a written request of their organizers.

-Approving or rejecting applications for membership to the Federation of terminating the membership of any member.

-Drawing up the annual accounts and submitting them to the members for approval.

-Amending the statutes or proposing the dissolution of the Federation.

Chapter IV: Executive Committee (EC)

Article 10

The council elects a : Executive Committee for a period of two years (《EC》).

The EC, chaired by the President is constituted as follows:

-The immediate past President

-The President

-The next elect President

-The Secretary

-The representative of the member country organizing the next Asia-Oceania Ceramic Conference

-Maximum five representatives, each from a different country, elected by the council for a period of two years, renewable one time.

Article 11

The EC will be responsible to the council for the implementation of the Policy and objectives assigned by the Council. Any major urgent decision taken by the EC would have to be confirmed at the next Council meeting.

The President, with the approval of the EC, may delegate authority to one ore more members of the EC to manage specific topics so as to get good efficiency and rapidity.

Meetings of the EC will be arranged at least once a year, which may be replaced by the internet mail or web.

The Coordinators and Presidents of working groups or ad hoc committees will report to the Council; they also may be invited to participate to meetings of the EC.

Decisions shall be taken upon a simple majority of votes.

Chapter V: President

Article 12

The representative of the member country organizing the next Asia-Oceania Ceramic Conference shall be appointed by the council as the President of the Federation. The President shall serve for a period of two years beginning at the end of each Asia-Oceania Ceramic Conference.

In case of the resignation of the President, the EC may appoint one of representatives of its members to act as the President for the remaining of the President.

The President is the administrative head of the Federation who shall chair the meetings of the council and EC, and shall be ex-officio of a member of all bodies of the Federation. The President of the Federation may delegate another representative of his adhering Organization or another member of the EC to chair meetings.

Article 13

All acts binding the Federation shall be signed by the President or by his delegate and by a representative of the Council, who will not need to prove the powers upon which they are acting to third parties.

Article 14

The Federation shall be represented in litigations by the President or by a member of the EC appointed by him or her, either as plaintiff or as defendant.

Article 15

The appointments of members of the Council and of the EC are unpaid.

Chapter VI: Secretariat

Article 16

A member country, appointed by the council shall be responsible for providing the secretariat and for appointing the secretary of the Federation. This arrangement shall normally remain in force for a period of two years, but may be extended by agreement between the Federation and the Council.

The President shall be responsible for providing the secretariat and for appointing the secretariat of the Federation for a period of two years beginning at the end of each Asia-Oceania Ceramic Conference.

The secretary shall be responsible:

-for handling the correspondence of the Federation.

-for organizing the meetings of the Council and of the EC.

-for ensuring the implementation of their decisions.

-for keeping records, statutes, minutes, of meetings and another documents concerning the activities of the Federation.

-for keeping the records of the 《Asia-Oceania Ceramic Conferences》.

-for collecting bulletins and scientific publications issued in member countries.

-for managing, developing and distributing information concerning the Federation, its members, its present and future activities by means of an internet site also to provide:

l Access to sites of each member country,

l Technical information as a bulletin,

l A directory of individual members.

-for collecting the subscriptions from member countries or from individuals as well as other private(conferences) or public funds provided by the AOCF.

Article 17

The minutes summarizing the proceedings of each meeting of the council and of the EC shall be kept in the English language and shall be distributed to all members by the Secretary as soon as possible after every meeting.

Chapter VII: Working Groups

Article 18

The Council organizes working groups such as:



-Research and Development

Other working groups may be created by the Council. Each working group is managed by a President who is appointed by the Council for a period of two years which can be extended.

The President or his delegate reports on the work of the Council.

Chapter VIII: Asia-Oceania Ceramic Conference

Article 19

The Federation will promote or assist in the promotion of the Asia-Oceania Ceramic Conference which shall be held at least once every two years in the country in which the host member is resident or has his/her registered office.

The conference may be held by incorporating with a ceramic meeting in host member society.

Admission to Asia-Oceania Ceramic Conference shall be open to all interested individuals.

The host member shall be responsible for all matters relating to the organization and conduct of such conferences and shall bear all risks and pay all expenses in connection with such conferences.

The council may organize other scientific meetings in order to develop a policy of 《topical meetings》held every two or three years under the auspices of the Federation.

The council may offer collaboration of the Federation in the planning and arrangement of scientific meetings initiated by other organizations or by one or more its adhering organizations.

The cooperation of the Federation in the organization of a conference shall imply no financial responsibility.

Article 20

During the Asia-Oceania Ceramic Conference, two awards shall be given:

The 《Asia-Oceania Ceramic Award》 is given to a ceramist belonging to a member country of the Federation for outstanding contribution to ceramic science or technology.

The 《Young Ceramist Award》is given to young ceramists younger than 35 years old belonging to a member country of the Federation for contribution to ceramic science and technology.

Granting the Award will be the responsibility of the EC and the executive members have to foster the proposal of Candidates among the National Ceramic Societies.

The names of candidates must be received by the EC through written papers containing the merits of the candidate including his/her short curriculum vitae.

The Award will be completed by a lecture.

Particular care shall be dedicated to highlight the relevance of the Awards which will be one of the AOCF President’s task.

Anyway, the significance of the Award and the lecture will be reported in the final announcement of the AOCF conference.

Chapter IX: Modification of the statutes-dissolution

Article 21

Any proposed amendment of the statutes or the dissolution of the Federation shall require the approval of at least two thirds of the total membership of the council of the Federation evidenced by an instrument of amendment executed in one or more copies on behalf of each assenting member.

Notice of the meeting at which such matters would be considered must be issued at least two months before the date of such meeting.

The conditions of dissolution and liquidation of the Federation shall be determined by the Council.

Chapter X: General matters

Article 22

In all cases where the constitution is not clear or does not give a decision, the President’s ruling shall be decisive.

It has been decided to use the English language for any official matters or communications between members.

Revision history of STATUTES

September 30, 2003 : establishment of STATUTES
November 5, 2015 : revision of STATUTES (Chapter IV: Executive Committee (EC))

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