Symposium 1: Advanced Structure Analysis and Characterization of Ceramic Materials


Remarkable developments have been made recently in the structural analysis and characterization of inorganic crystalline and amorphous materials, such as X-ray, neutron, synchrotron and electron diffraction, x-ray/neutron scattering, IR/Raman scattering, NMR, XAFS, first-principle calculations, computer simulations, Rietveld analysis, the maximum-entropy method, in situ measurements at high temperatures/pressures and electron/nuclear density analysis. These techniques enable scientists to study not only static and long-range periodic structures but also dynamic and short-/intermediate-range structures. Multi-scale characterization from the electron to micrometer levels is becoming increasingly important as a means of understanding phenomena at the interfaces, grain boundaries and surfaces of ceramic materials. This symposium will discuss the structure/property relationships of various ceramic materials. (electro, magnetic and optical ceramics; energy and environment related ceramics; bio-ceramics; ceramics for reliability secure society; traditional ceramics). The proposed session topics include:



  1. Masatomo Yashima

  2. Scott T. Misture

  3. Xiaolong Chen

  4. Takashi Ida

  5. Isao Tanaka

Main Organizers