CERAMICS:Today and Tomorrow*

Edited by Shigeharu Naka (Nagoya Univ.), Naohiro Soga (Kyoto Univ.),Shoichi Kume (Osaka Univ.)

The Basic Science Division, The Ceramic Society of Japan



会員特価 2,300円(税込) 〒500円

定  価 本体2,500円+税 〒500円















Contents; Recent Trends in Design, Processing and Application of High Performance Ceramics (R.N.Katz); Gas-Solid Interaction and Microstructure Developmemt in Ceramics (D.W.Readey); Wet Chemical Synthesis of Glasses and Ceramics: Opportunities and Critical Needs (D.R.Uhlmann); Fundamentals of Powder Consolidation in Colloidal Systems (I.A.Aksay); Sintering Additives and the Fabrication of High Density Ceramics (R.J.Brook); Automatotive Gas Turbine Ceramic Component Development (P.Heitman); Consistency - A Critical Problem for Ceramics - Can Hot Isostatic Pressing Give an Answer?(H.T.Larker); Role of Microstructure in the Improvement of the Fracture Behavior of Glass-Ceramics (D.P.H.Hasselman); Polycrystalline Oxide for Optical Applications (W.H.Rhodes); Superconducting Ceramics Prepared by CVD(G.Wahl and F.Schmaderer)