ICC 3rd International Congress on Ceramics

Early in 2005, the American Ceramic Society, the European Ceramic Society and the Ceramic Society of Japan announced a collaborative effort to provide leadership for the global ceramics community that would facilitate the use of ceramic and glass materials. That effort resulted in an agreement to organize a new biennial series of the International Congress on Ceramics, endorsed by the International Ceramic Federation (ICF).


The 1st International Congress on Ceramics (ICC1) was held in Canada, 2006, under the organization of the American Ceramic Society, and the 2nd Congress (ICC2) was held in Italy, 2008, hosted by the European Ceramic Society. Global business and technology leaders, scientists and researchers gathered to share ideas and visions of the future for ceramic and glass materials, and to engage the worldwide ceramics community in a collective effort to expand the use of these materials in both conventional as well as new and exciting applications.


It has been agreed that the 3rd Congress (ICC3) will be held in Japan, 2010, organized by the Ceramic Society of Japan (CerSJ). This Congress incorporates the 23rd Fall Meeting of Ceramic Society of Japan and the 20th Iketani Conference, and is endorsed and supported by ICF, Asia-Oceania Ceramic Federation (AOCF) as well as many other organizations. Following the styles of the previous two Congresses, the program is designed to advance ceramic and glass technologies to the next generation, through discussing the most recent advances, as well as developing the global roadmap that contains perspective and future trends.


The Congress will consist of voluntarily organized 22 symposia in the most topical and essential themes of ceramic and glass materials, including Characterization, design and processing technologies, Electro, magnetic and optical ceramics and devices, Energy and environment related ceramics and systems, Bio-ceramics and bio-technologies, Ceramics for advanced industry and safety society, and Innovation in traditional ceramics. It will also contain the two special symposia designated by the conference chair; "Emerging and Innovative Technologies for Sustainable Society" and "Road-Maps, Policies and R&D Strategies."


I would like to invite you to visit Osaka, the most vivid city of Japan with traditional culture and history, and actively participate in ICC3. The congress will provide an excellent opportunity for interactions and friendships with participants from over the world, who are involved in research, development, engineering, manufacturing, and application of ceramic and glass materials.


Looking forward to seeing all of you in Osaka, Japan in November, 2010!


September 2009


Koichi Niihara
President of the 3rd International Congress on Ceramics (ICC3)
President of the Ceramic Society of Japan (CerSJ)
President of the Asia-Oceania Ceramic Federation (AOCF)
President of Nagaoka University of Technology (NUT)
Emeritus Professor, Osaka University