ICC 3rd International Congress on Ceramics


The following symposia will be held in ICC3.


Special Symposium:  Emerging Technologies and Future Aspects for Ceramics

Symposium 1:
Advanced Structure Analysis and Characterization of Ceramic Materials
Symposium 2A:
Novel Chemical Processing; Sol-Gel and Solution-Based Processing
Symposium 2B:
Novel Chemical Processing; Molecular Routes to Ceramics and Ceramics-based Materials
Symposium 2C:
Novel Chemical Processing; Chemical Tectonics for Materials Design
Symposium 3:
Nano-Crystals and Advanced Powder Technology
Symposium 4:
Green and Smart Processing
Symposium 5:
Hybrid and Nano-Structured Materials
Symposium 6:
Advances in Electro Ceramics
Symposium 7:
Optical Ceramics
Symposium 8:
Glasses - Science & Technology, and Photonic Applications-
Symposium 9A:
Ceramics for Electricity; Energy Conversion and Storage Systems for Green World
Symposium 9B:
Ceramics for Electricity; SOFC and Related Technologies
Symposium 9C:
Ceramics for Electricity; Direct Conversion Technology between Heat and Electricity
Symposium 9D:
Ceramics for Electricity; Advanced Superconducting Materials
Symposium 10:
Ceramics and Composites for Advanced Nuclear Energy and Hazardous Waste Treatment Applications
Symposium 11:
Advanced Ceramic Surface for Environmental Purification: Photocatalysis and Wettability Control
Symposium 12:
Porous Ceramics for Environmental Protection and Advanced Industries
Symposium 13:
Ceramics for Medicine, Biotechnology and Biomimetics
Symposium 14:
Advanced Engineering Ceramics and Composites
Symposium 15:
Advanced Ceramic Sensor Technologies
Symposium 16:
Innovation in Refractories and Traditional Ceramics
Symposium 17:
Health and Safety Aspects of Ceramic Nanoparticles