The CerSJ Fellow Awards was started in FY 2015.

1. Objectives

The CerSJ Fellow Awards are granted by the Society to individual members who have made outstanding achievements in the field of ceramics through continuous activities within the Society.

The objectives of awarding members the title of CerSJ Fellow are to encourage recipients to continue to pursue activities as persons who are suitable to represent the Society; to inspire them to increase their participation in the activities of the Society; and to engender development of the ceramics field across a broad range.

2. Length of membership

  • Persons eligible for receipt of the Award are, in principle, individual members of CerSJ who have held their membership for five years or longer.
  • The date for calculating the length of membership is as of April 1 each year the Awards are presented.
  • The length of memberships will, in principle, be calculated according to the continuous length of time as a member. Should a member discontinue (or suspend) his or her membership but rejoins the Society within two years, however, it shall be possible, once only, to add the time spent as a member prior to suspension to the calculation of the total time the membership has been held.

3. Recommendations

Persons qualified to make recommendations and the prerequisites for recommendations are as follows:

  • Persons qualified to make recommendations are those who have already been made Fellows.
  • Incumbent officers at the time a recommendation is made or the time of approval by the Board of Directors are not eligible to become Award candidates.
  • The recommendation of each Award candidate shall require the endorsement of five Fellows. No Fellow shall be permitted to endorse more than one candidate.
  • Recommendations of Award candidates shall be made in the form of the written recommendations submitted by persons qualified to make recommendations.

CerSJ Fellow

as of Jan 18, 2017

Keizo UEMATSU 2016 Recipient
Yoshio UKYO 2016 Recipient
Tatsuki OHJI 2016 Recipient
Hiroshi OHNISHI 2016 Recipient
Akiyoshi OSAKA 2016 Recipient
Hiroshi KAGATA 2016 Recipient
Seiji KATO 2016 Recipient
Hiroshi KISHI 2016 Recipient
Nobuhiro KUMADA 2016 Recipient
Makoto KUWABARA 2016 Recipient
Hiromitsu KOZUKA 2016 Recipient
Takayuki KOMATSU 2016 Recipient
Toshikazu KONDO 2016 Recipient
Etsuo SAKAI 2016 Recipient
Hiroyo SEGAWA 2016 Recipient
Hidehiko TANAKA 2016 Recipient
Shinji TOMURA 2016 Recipient
Toshio NAKATANI 2016 Recipient
Takeshi NOMURA 2016 Recipient
Shinobu FUJIHARA 2016 Recipient
Junichi HOJO 2016 Recipient
Hideo HOSONO 2016 Recipient
Mikinori HOTTA 2016 Recipient
Tsuyoshi HONMA 2016 Recipient
Kenichi MACHIDA 2016 Recipient
Yohtaro MATSUO 2016 Recipient
Atsunori MATSUDA 2016 Recipient
Takayoshi MIZUTANI 2016 Recipient
Jun AKEDO 2015 Recipient
Uichi IKUHARA 2015 Recipient
Takayoshi ISEKI 2015 Recipient
Setsuro ITO 2015 Recipient
Satoru INOUE 2015 Recipient
Yoshihiko IMANAKA 2015 Recipient
Tetsuo UCHIKOSHI 2015 Recipient
Rikuo OTA 2015 Recipient
Chikara OHTSUKI 2015 Recipient
Naoki OHASHI 2015 Recipient
Kiyoshi OKADA 2015 Recipient
Tetsuro OGAWA 2015 Recipient
Toshihiro KASUGA 2015 Recipient
Kazumi KATO 2015 Recipient
Kazunori KIJIMA 2015 Recipient
Shinichi KIKKAWA 2015 Recipient
Kunimoto KOUMOTO 2015 Recipient
Hiroaki SASAKI 2015 Recipient
Yukio SAKABE 2015 Recipient
Yoshio SAKKA 2015 Recipient
Yasuo SHIBASAKI 2015 Recipient
Yoko SUYAMA 2015 Recipient
Hiroshi TAKAGI 2015 Recipient
Masasuke TAKATA 2015 Recipient
Junzo TANAKA 2015 Recipient
Yasumasa NAKAO 2015 Recipient
Kouichi NIIHARA 2015 Recipient
Kouichi NIWA 2015 Recipient
Masayuki NOGAMI 2015 Recipient
Kazuyuki HIRAO 2015 Recipient
Shinichi HIRANO 2015 Recipient
Hiroshi FUNAKUBO 2015 Recipient
Akio MAKISHIMA 2015 Recipient
Nobuyasu MIZUTANI 2015 Recipient
Tsutomu MINAMI 2015 Recipient
Michihiro MIYAKE 2015 Recipient
Masaru MIYAYAMA 2015 Recipient
Norimitu MURAYAMA 2015 Recipient
Itaru YASUI 2015 Recipient
Eiichi YASUDA 2015 Recipient
Chitake YAMAGISHI 2015 Recipient
Shigeru YAMAMOTO 2015 Recipient
Koji WATARI 2015 Recipient