JCRM (Japan Ceramic Reference Materials)

Establishing the CerSJ standards and Drafting JIS standards in the industrial technology of ceramics CerSJ standard materials for chemical analysis : 32 raw materials for ceramics


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Reference Material
R 301 Burned Bauxite
R 302 Burned Bauxite
R 303 Burned Bauxite
R 304 Sillimanite
R 041 Mullite
R 404 Quartz powder
R 405 Silicious Stone
R 406 Silicious Stone
R 501 Zircon Sand
R 502 Zircon Sand
R 604 Gairome Clay
R 605 Kaolin
R 751 Pottery Stone
R 651 Aluminous Shale
R 702 Albite
R 703 Potassiumfeldspar
R 803 Pyrophyllite
R 802 Pyrophllite
R 901 Talc powder
R 902 Talc powder
R 903 Talc powder
R 006 Silicon Nitride (fine powder)
R 007 Silicon Nitride (fine powder)
R 008 Silicon Nitride (fine powder)
R 024 Silicon Carbide (Fine Powder)
R 025 Silicon Carbide (Fine Powder)
R 026 Silicon Carbide (Fine Powder)
R 034 Aluminum Oxide (Fine Powder)
R 035 Aluminum Oxide (Fine Powder)
R 036 Aluminum Oxide (Fine Powder)
R 051 Zirconia powder
R 052 Zirconia powder
R 053 Zirconia powder
R 054 Zirconia powder
R 102 Borosilicate Glasses