The Ceramic Society of Japan (CerSJ) was established in 1891 to promote the development of industry, science and technology related to the ceramics field.CerSJ is the only comprehensive association concerned with ceramics in Japan that brings together the industrial and academic sectors.

Through its members' efforts over the past century and more, ceramic technology has maintained a firm position in the field of materials science and technology as one of Japan's key technologies.Today, ceramics are recognized as indispensable materials for contemporary human life. Advanced ceramics are, moreover, among the core materials in the field of nano-technology.

The backgrounds of theCerSJ's individual members range widely, from inorganic and organic chemistry and mineralogy to physics, electronics, civil engineering and the arts. Its corporate members are leading companies in the ceramic industry in Japan.

CerSJ provides opportunities for learning, acquisition of new technology and exchanges of research activities. It awards prizes to encourage and acknowledge endeavors and achievements in the field of ceramics.

  • The background of the Society's members
    Inorganic, Organic, Mineral, Chemistry, Physics, Electronics, Engineering, Medical and arts.

  • Number of Members at the end of March, 2023
    Individual members: 3,011, Students: 1,165, Corporate members: 214


  • CERAMICS JAPAN: Bulletin of CerSJ, monthly, in Japanese Carries Introduction of trends of Science, technology and industry concernig various ceramic field, calendar of events and membership relations.
  • Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan: monthly, in English Carries Paper related to the science and technology of ceramics.
  • Journal of Asian Ceramic Societies: An open access journal that publishes research on the science and technology of ceramics, glasses, composites, and related materials.
  • Books: on science, technology, education and spread of ceramics.
  • Website: Information and news about ceramics, educational information for biginners and children (Ceramic Museum, Japanese Ceramic Ware and etc.)


Advanced Ceramic Technologies & Products The Ceramic Society of Japan
2012, 2012, XV, 585 p. 533 illus., 397 in color.
Hardcover Information
Hardcover version ISBN 978-4-431-53913-1
Due: November 30, 2012 by Springer


Providing opportunities for learning and Exchanges of research activities


  • Annual Meeting (March) Data
  • Fall Meeting (September and /or October) Data
  • Studies and comprehensively exchange information on ceramic science and technology
  • Lectures, Seminars and Presentations on the basic technology and current issues all over Japan according to the technical fields and levels

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Division activities in each professional field and Branch activities that contribute to the community

  • Division
    9 Divisions based on the technical fields
    Basic Science, Raw materials, Whiteware, Glass, Porcelan, Cements,
    High-Temperature and Engineering Ceramics, Electronics, Biomaterials
    Division Meeting , Symposium and Lecture

  • Branches (based on Member' residential location)
    7 Branches cover all of Japan
    Tohoku-Hokkaido, Kanto, Hokuriku, Tokai, Kansai, Chyugoku-Sikoku, Kyushu
    Branch Meeting , Symposium and Lecture

Promotion of friendship and cooperation with national and International organization


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  • CerSJ Awards
    For contributions to promotion of society activities
    For academic achievements in ceramic science and technology
    For advancements in ceramic science and technology
    For achievements in industrial ceramic technology
    For advancements in industrial ceramic technology
    For career achievements in ceramic science and technology

  • Ceramic Prize
    For the excellent technician in the field of production of Ceramics Winners are highly regarded in various fields.

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Establishing the CerSJ standards and Drafting JIS standards in the industrial technology of ceramics CerSJ standard materials for chemical analysis : 32 raw materials for ceramics


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