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The Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan (JCS-Japan) is an open access journal published by the Ceramic Society of Japan. The average duration from submission to publication is 1 ~ 2 months. The recent acceptance ratio after the first screening by the Editor-in-Chief is over 50%. We are proud that the publication fees of JCS-Japan are significantly low compared with other open access journals; e.g., about 400 USD (as of January 2024) for four printed pages.

JCS-Japan initiated publication in 1892 as the “Journal of the Dai-Nippon Ceramics Society”. Although its name has been changed several times during its long history of over a century, it has continued to specialize in the publication of materials related to the science and technology of ceramics. It is the only journal of this kind in Japan.

Since 2003 the entire contents of the Journal have been published on J-STAGE, since 2008 all the contents have been in English, and since 2005 contributions have been accepted from non-members. As a result, the contents now include many contributions from overseas, primarily from other Asian countries.

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※Important Notice
Due to changes in the social environment (including the popularization the Internet and growing concern with paper-saving), we ceased issuing printed copies of the Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan (JCS-Japan) as of its March 2013 issue. Please note that JCS-Japan remains available on our Website at the following URL: https://www.jstage.jst.go.jp/browse/jcersj2/

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